Thursday, December 31, 2009


365 posts! A year ago tomorrow, I started this blog. My tag line says, "Just me being present by taking a photo every day." Well, I may not have actually taken a photo every day, but I created a post for every. single. day. of 2009. Sometimes, I was able to take a LOT of photos and spread them out over a few days, which came in handy on those late Tuesday nights when I was just too tired to do one more thing. Sometimes, I was out of town where, believe it or not, there was no internet access, so my posts for those days were done when I returned home. Sometimes, especially as the year started coming to a close, there was SO much going on that I had to do my post for one day the next day because I simply ran out of time. Ultimately, the being present came from coming to this space and sharing/documenting that little piece of my life. It was never a chore, I never said, Ugh, I just don't want to do this today.

So, now what? I've been thinking about that for the last month to 6 weeks. What happens on January 1, 2010? Well for one thing, I need to change my tag line. I most certainly will be continuing here but not every day. I've done that, so this space is now going to be for something different. Maybe it will be more about photography projects or maybe I'll have more profound thoughts to share. I'm not sure yet but whatever happens here will continue to reflect the idea of "Shining Lotus." Hmmm ... that sounds like a good idea for tomorrow:)

Some of my favorite posts of 2009, of course, were about my kitties. They make great photo subjects, especially for practicing and experimenting with the camera. Starting tomorrow, I'll have another blog, The Daily Poo. I'm thinking this blog will satisfy my crazy cat lady urges and potentially entertain other crazy cat people out there. Plus it will be a space for me to focus on cute kitty pics and stories.

Reflecting back on 2009, I must say it was a great year. Certainly not without some struggles or harsh circumstances but those struggles and circumstances became teachers for me and I am grateful for them. But there was far more joy than anything else. From this little one to this special day. I had amazing opportunities for photography that led to my work being used, officially:) And I had some humbling experiences that brought me back to earth, helping to keep me grounded. I had some great times with my awesome husband and special girls.

And these are some of my most favorite photos from the year. Whew, that was tough to pick out just 12 favorites!!

So long 2009, it's been great. Hello 2010!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Mina, I have tried to stay faithful with keeping up with your blog. I have probably read 90% o them! I've enjoyed all the pics and stories, I'm looking forward to the Daily Poo! Mo

mina said...

Thank you so much for being a faithful reader:) I love you Mo!!