Friday, January 1, 2010

Fresh Start, New Beginnings

(Photo of taken April 2008, US Botanic Gardens. And I do realize this isn't a Lotus:) I just don't have a lotus photo!)

January 1, time for a fresh start. The classic time to set goals, intentions and resolutions. But there's always opportunity to reflect and set intentions. There are many "New Years" that happen through out the year that give us a chance for a fresh start. Chinese New Year is in February, Persian New Year is in March. There's 4 seasons, new moons, full moons and 12 months. There's also a new day ... that happens, well, every day. There's every time we take a breath.

I think the fresh start I'll be taking in this space will be for more creative photography. Maybe give myself some projects, definitely take some artist dates with the camera, try to push myself creatively.

The name of this blog is Shining Lotus. The lotus flower represents the potential that we have within us. The potential for purity, spiritual growth and enlightenment. The lotus flower comes from the muck and mud beneath the water. But it rises up, out of the muck to blossom on top of the water in splendid glory.

My hope is that my creativity can blossom like the lotus flower becoming a conduit for my spiritual growth and enlightenment. Sounds like a fun year ahead.

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