Tuesday, October 4, 2011

South Dakota

And now for a few more photos from the iPhone. Damn I wish the resolution was better because some of these are just awesome. Captured better than with the BC. But I'm not sure how they will look printed. Most of the time as we were passing by beautiful landscape, we were on the tour bus. And once you're on the bus it doesn't stop til it gets where it's going. So no, hey can we stop here so I can take a few pics! But there were times when we were on a bathroom break and I ran to get a shot or two. We drove through the prairie, the Black Hills and the Badlands. All of it beautiful in it's own way.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Wow ... September was a TOTAL blur. And now it's gone. The trip to South Dakota thrown into the mix made it all that much of a blur. It was a work trip for Running Strong for American Indian Youth, one of the non-profits I work for. It was me plus 6 other staff and 30 folks most over 55. We went to two reservations, Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River, a few touristy places like Mt Rushmore and the Mammoth Site, a bunch of Running Strong's programs and a bunch of museums. It was an amazing trip and I met some awesome people, both participants (the older folks) and some native Americans. And I took about 1600 photos. So let's start with the Hipstamatic shots! And it's great to be back!

The pictures include (in order) prairie of South Dakota, tipi, authentic covered wagon which is way, way smaller than you'd think, more prairie land and the wild horse sanctuary, old Ford in Chadron, Nebraska, tipi on Pine Ridge rez, farmer's market stuff and the Wounded Knee memorial.