Friday, June 19, 2009

A Year of Poo*

Lucy Poo that is. A year ago today we brought this little creature home to join our family. We had decided we were going to get a new kitten since it had been over a year since Nelli Kitty had passed away. We were a little concerned about introducing a new kitten to the dynamic of Mr. and Tiki. I would have loved to have brought home a tiny little baby but thought it might be better to get a kitten that was just little older, so she could hold her own.

Lucy was that kitten. I met her at a foster home where there were like 7 other cats and two of her siblings. I knew she was the one when she walked up to me, sat down and then looked up at me. All the other kittens I had checked out were too busy playing and wrestling.

You wouldn't believe the amount of joy, laughter, sweetness, cuteness and all around bliss this little creature has brought to our home. Everyone adapted fine after a few days.

I thought I would have photos of her from every month over the last year but I guess I don't. So here is a sample of what I do have from the last 12 months. The photo above is from the day after we brought her home. She was 3 months old.

This was the night we brought her home. I know, you're supposed to keep new animals separate for like 2 weeks. Yeah right ... this was her first encounter with Mr. Tiki and Mr. were a bit disgusted with the whole situation ... hissing and growling, almost acting like they wanted to vomit. But that didn't last long ...

After a week or so Lucy tried to engage Mr. in playing. She might go up to him and then run away. He was interested but playing hard to get. After about two weeks she just said "f" it and would just run up and jump on him. I remember the first night they played rough and tumble. I got home from one of Shawn's gigs, turned on Metal Mania and chase and playtime ensued. It was awesome. I was transfixed watching the whole ordeal. That continued until Mr. passed away just 6 weeks ago. They loved to play with each other and when Lucy would start getting too vicious Mr. would slap her down and that would be it. Mr. could have seriously ripped her apart but he always played so gentle only giving back what she was handing out. I thought for sure I would get to watch that for at least 5 more years but that wasn't what the universe had planned.

Somewhere about August or so I started calling her Lucy Poo. I'm certain I had heard my friend Lisa call one of her cats "name" Poo and that's probably where I got it from. But it is a name that totally fits. Her full name became Lucy Poo Shabibi. Nelli was Nelli Kitty, Tiki is Tiki Baby, Mr. was Mr. Man but Mr. just fit better. Eventually we started calling her Lucy, Lucy Poo or just Poo.

Here she is at Halloween.

My attempt to put the cutest Kitty witch hat on her but she was having none of that shit.

Another attempt at a costume. I swear no animals were harmed in this effort. It only looks like it. Again she was having none of that shit.

This is a scene from dinner time. She goes nuts. I've actually called Shawn and left messages of her howling and carrying on at dinner. I guess part of it could be me getting them all worked up. But the cuteness ...

Here she is playing with Mousey. She has a lot of toys but this one makes it all over the house. I can throw this mouse in the air and she will jump to catch it and she will actually catch it.

Here she is in April and I'm pretty sure at this point her nickname of Poo has morphed into yet another nickname of PooHead. Shawn pointed out that essentially we are calling our cat shit head.

And finally this is the cuteness and joy that makes everything I go through worth it. To be able to walk into my home or wake up and experience this keeps me present and filled with bliss.

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