Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday was Crue Fest. A bunch of bands with the headliners being Godsmack and Motley Crue. I used to love Motley Crue, back in the day, but somewhere along the line grunge and hard rock with deeper voices and less squeal became way more appealing to me. So with Godsmack on this bill Shawn and I knew we had to go. It was actually the fifth time I've seen Godsmack. I guess that would make me a serious fan. Plus we had caught some MC shows on VH1 recently and their stuff does still rock.

I decided that this day needed to be documented. So we started with some self timer pics before we left. Poseurs! The definition of poseur, another term for poser, is a person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others. We were certainly acting in an affected manner! But the only people we were impressing were ourselves! All rocking out in our living room.

I continued to get pics of the day with my camera phone which I've hardly ever used. Too bad I couldn't take even the little point and shoot but the camera phone added its own style to the whole thing.

Turns out Mother Nature had plans for yesterday as well. Lots of rain. But that never spoiled the moment or the day. At first it was sucking a little energy out of the excitement but when I decided I was just going to get wet and not give a fuck, the rain simply added to the whole ambience of the show. Plus it made for great, wet, rock hair:)

As a yoga teacher and student, sometimes I feel like everything I do should somehow reflect the yoga teachings. Sometimes rock music and/or lyrics don't necessarily go along with yoga teachings. However, if you stop and take a moment to pay attention you can find the yoga teachings in rock. I also follow the way of Buddha ... moderation in all things. If all I ever listened to was mantra, I would be missing out on the energy from all other kinds of music. And vice versa. If all I ever listened to was rock, I would be missing out on some very powerful music and sound.

At the show yesterday I was finding a lot of yoga. The energy was really good. People had come together for a common purpose. The sound was elevating and energizing. There was "kirtan," or call and response from the bands to the crowd. There was singing along. At a different show with Shinedown this year, they tell the crowd to look to your left and right, make eye contact with your neighbor, say hi, shake hands, connect. We do that in yoga. Yoga=union.

If there was one thing I could add to rock, it would be some rocking, hard and heavy songs with uplifting lyrics. Not all angst ridden or mad at the world or my life sucks kind of lyrics. But just lyrics about yeah, life is fucking good. And I'm rocking out.

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