Friday, August 21, 2009

Documenting Dinner*

So tonight's dinner prep was the idea for the photo post. My original intention was to just shoot the getting ready, stuff sitting out, waiting for me to cook. But then I cut the limes.

These limes were the juiciest limes I've seen in FOREVER. Half a lime was more than a tablespoon. So I took this as a sign to document the whole process of the edamame salsa. Oh yeah, the edamame salsa is the shit. So far we've got the limes, olive oil and garlic.

Next come the tomatos.

Some salt and pepper. Then the cilantro, corn and edamame.

That contraption is the thingee that pulls the corn off the cob. Since the first time I made this edamame salsa, which calls for fresh corn, I use fresh corn for everything that calls for corn. Can't do the canned. That's haulocost food to me now. So, it basically shaves the corn kernels off the cob into the domed piece. This saves the kitchen from corn kernels flying everywhere when I hack them off the cob. I've been known to make a bit of a mess when I cook. Pieces of food flying everywhere when I'm chopping, slopping stuff around. It happens, what can I say. But this corn contraption has been great. Hubby got that for me:)

Here's everything all stirred up.

And the final product atop grilled flank steak. We determined that this was THE BEST ever batch of edamame salsa.

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