Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scenes from an Anniversary!

It looks like we have never actually worked on our anniversary. Yesterday was no exception. So here are some random scenes from our special day. Between the champagne brunch, wine drinking all day and anniversary cupcakes, somewhere around 7pm we lost track.

Here's our wedding photo album, FINISHED!! After 6 years!!! Last year on our anniversary we sat down and put together an iPhoto book for the wedding and reception. Then it sat in iPhoto for 11 months! Because there were two photos that needed to be fixed. So I finally took care of that and got the damn thing ordered and here.

Here's Shawn's anniversary present from me ... a sitar!

Here's Shawn strumming the sitar.

Making brunch pancakes in the sexy, clown slippers. Who needs lingerie when you've got clown slippers??

Champagne for the champagne brunch. That just got the ball rolling for wine drinking ALL day.

A set of buddha's from Shawn to me. It was a fantastic day.

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