Sunday, April 19, 2009

Buddha's in Da House!*

My friend Summer opened a yoga studio this weekend, Soaring Spirit Yoga Studio. A few weeks ago I stopped by to pick up some flyers and she had found this kick ass buddha statue at, of all places, Marshalls! But it was the only one they had. I have been wanting a big buddha or kuan yin statue for a long time. When I say big, we're talking over 2 feet tall. So when she said she found it at Marshalls for a phenonmenal price, it planted the seed.

I checked a Marshalls near work. That place was a disaster. It seriously looked like a tornado had blown through that place. No buddha there. So I figured sometime I might check the Marshalls at the discount mall near where I live, the same one Summer found hers at. Yesterday I just happened to be over there so I thought what the hell. Maybe, just maybe, they put another one out. Well ... they had! I needed a day to think about it, do I really want to spend the money? Can I justify the expense? Is there space in our house/yard for it? I figured if I went back today and it was still there, then it was meant to be.

Well, it was there, I had justified it and figured we will find the space. Here he is, in our home, emanating peace and serenity.

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