Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Stuff from the Last Week or So

In between photo shoot catch ups, I'll be posting some random stuff that I've been present with:)

Starting with River Farm. We had a kick ass warm day here on Monday and I really wanted to get outside. But the thought of sitting outside the office building breathing in the smoke from the smokers lounge and listening to the banging of construction on 495 simply wasn't doing it for me. So I decided to head over to River Farm. It's off the GW Parkway about 15 minutes from my office and talk about beautiful, peaceful and quiet. I'll be spending more time exploring there this Spring.

Then we have the first day of sandals!! Freshly polished toe nails and platform wedge sandals. It's gotta be at least 70 degrees out before I can wear sandals. If not, I'll be cold all day. More on shoes, sandals and their hotness to come.

A random Lucy shot just because I haven't posted any cat shots in a LONG time. More of those to come.

And finally last Friday evening's drink of choice. I learned that evening that drinking and texting don't go. In trying to text a friend my not drunk, but feeling good fingers just weren't on top of their game. And neither were my eyes! It was pretty damn funny. All photos from the iPhone which I'm like how did I EVER live without this????

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