Friday, April 8, 2011

Rock and Roll Baby!

Here are some shots from a Hot Buttered Elvis gig on March 4. This was a big deal as it was HBE's first official show back with hubby! And their new guitar player JC. While Shawn played a few gigs in the wheelchair last year and actually did one set standing at Halloween, this was the real deal. He even struck some rock poses! And they had Agent I open up. I rarely shoot with a flash at gigs as I don't want all the wires and cords and crap in the background to show. But then I have to shoot at a pretty high ISO which leaves the photos sometimes too grainy. BUT ... I think that grain adds to the grit that rock and roll can be. And, I rented a fish-eye lens and a lens baby composer to play with for another shoot. But got to use them here. Fun, fun, fun!

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