Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cat Pics!

Since I realized yesterday that it had been awhile since I posted some cat pics here's a bunch taken over the last few weeks. Again, lovin' the iPhone! Especially for taking photos of the cats. In trying to get photos of them with the "big camera," the minute they see it, they stop being cute or doing whatever they were doing that prompted me to get the camera in the first place. Now, with the iPhone they have no clue what's going on. Guess they figure I'm just getting on the phone and they can continue with their cuteness since no one is paying attention. Ha, ha kitties ... I gotcha!

First up, Lenny Boy,
the Fella, Le Douche, Stink, Booger Face ... yes those are all his nicknames. And yes, they ALL apply.

Before the iPhone, he would have heard me take the lens cap off the dslr and would have stopped the cuteness. This time he didn't even know I was taking his photo.

Here's Le Douche coveting Tiki's food. You know, because I don't ever feed him. EVER!

Here's the Fella up close and personal.

And now Tiki Baby, Old Girl. She's 17 1/2 and pulls the geriatric card on us/me pretty much all the time. Especially when it comes to lap time. You can't deny a geriatric cat!

Here we have Lenny and Lucy helping Shawn change strings on his guitar. I was sitting on the chaise lounge across from him with guess who on my lap:)

And finally Lucy, Poohead, La Douchess (because she has learned douche like behavior from Le Douche). Again, I was sitting on the chaise lounge with Tiki on my lap and Lucy was up on the arm of the chaise. There's something about these that I just love.

So a good fix for anyone jonesing to see cat pics.

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