Monday, February 8, 2010

Paper Hearts

Saturday evening, while I was snowed in, I decided I needed to do something to restore myself. Restore all the energy that's been flowing, actually rushing forth, to deal with everything that has been going on. In fact, Saturday ended up being an entire day of restoration. Sleeping in, working on photos, playing with kitties and making some paper hearts.

I got the idea from the Dancing Mermaid. And the thing about the paper hearts was that it was easy. All I had to do was get out some paper and scissors and go to town. There wasn't any big ordeal of prep, set up, clean up. And in that ease I found some peace. For the 30 minutes I was cutting out hearts and stringing them together, there was total silence. No questions, no jumping ahead, no going back. I was just right there.

The other part of her assignment was to give away the string of hearts. I'm sure it's fairly obvious who will be getting my string of hearts ... the same person that has my heart.

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