Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Frozen. It's frozen on the outside and I feel frozen. Outside there was already a shitload of snow and ice and now after yet another fucking blizzard there is more snow and ice. Seriously ... what the fuck? In all the years of wanting an epic snowstorm, so my husband and I could be snowed in together, the year it comes is when we can't. Because he is in the hospital, paralyzed. His own body frozen.

And I feel like I'm frozen in a nightmare. We both feel this way. When are we going to wake up? But we are awake. And our reality is that our lives are frozen in chaos.

So we're waiting for the thaw. For everything to thaw. The icicles, the snow, the nightmare and the chaos. That change will come. And then life will begin to bloom around us and within us.

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