Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Almost Normal Day

Snowy tree taken from inside the front door. What's that in the background? Why that is a clearing sky after about 30 hours of snow.

Today was an almost "normal" day. Normal in that I spent the afternoon working on some photos for a family that are long overdue. Normal in that I picked up my camera and took some photos. Normal in that I was able to just be creative and work on something that will bring smiles and joy. Normal in that I played a little game of fetch with Lucy. Normal in that I slept in, got up, had breakfast and coffee. But in this almost "normal" day, nothing was really normal. Shawn being here would have made it normal. While I was doing my thing, he would have been doing his, watering plants, working on the computer, taking a nap, reading. We would have had breakfast and coffee together, hanging out in the living room, watching the snow come down.

But he's not here. Instead, he's alone in a hospital rehab, paralyzed (hopefully, only temporarily). So really, nothing was normal. Our entire definition of normal has to change and right now we don't even know what that will be.

So right now, normal is actually chaos. Extreme chaos for both of us. Complete disorder and confusion. And all we can do is accept that.

The other thing that was not normal about this day was the freaking 20 inches of snow. Although, I guess for this winter that is turning out to be normal.

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