Friday, August 28, 2009

Night Blooming Cereus*

Meet the Night Blooming Cereus. It's actually a new one that Shawn brought home from the flower farm. Yes another plant but this one had flower buds, so he had to take it. We have a huge Night Blooming Cereus that came from a piece, like a 3 inch piece, that my friend Rene gave me 9 years ago. It took a long time for it do anything but once we finally put it outside last year or maybe the year before it began to thrive and grow. But, it had never bloomed.

I didn't even think about the "blooming" part until one day I went online and looked it up. Damn if it doesn't bloom and HUGE flowers at that. Since then we have been wanting ours to bloom so badly. But it hasn't. So when the chance came to get one that is about to bloom, we had to take it.

I'm going out of town today until Sunday. As luck would have it, I'm sure this is going to bloom tonight or tomorrow night. Hopefully the flower will hang out longer than a few hours, unlike the Moonflowers, Jasmine and Morning Glories.

I will also be in a non-internet area ... oh yeah, time to disconnect. There will be catch up posts of some fun stuff on Sunday.


Meri said...

As I remember, it takes years for those babies to actually get to the point of blooming. Do they only bloom once in their lives?

mina said...

Hi Meri. I don't know if they bloom more than once. I do know someone who does and will post when I find out. Hopefully our others will bloom sometime. They're almost 10 years old. Thanks for sharing:)