Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gratitude Day 24 - Grateful for Awareness

Today I'm grateful for awareness, specifically awareness of knowing what I need to do to nurture myself. It's been a very, very busy month. Lots of photo shoots which means lots of weekend work. 

Tonight we had an invitation to a surprise birthday party for a friend. Back in October I rsvp'd yes because at that time I had NO photo shoots lined up! We were psyched to see a bunch of people we hadn't seen in so very long. But then my scheduled started filling up, and my energy reserves started dwindling.

Thanksgiving was a full day of cooking and being "on." Friday was our anniversary which meant more indulging in wine. And now here it is Saturday evening and I am beat AND I have more shoots tomorrow, early too.

I had to make the call to not go to the party. It was tough. But I needed some rest and relaxation and I needed to prep for tomorrow. 

My awareness that I needed to stay home and take care of things, primarily myself had to be listened to. 

Of course, when I bail on things like this I always feel like I'm missing out. Usually I'm not. But this time I did! Turns out it was not only a surprise birthday, but a surprise marriage proposal and a surprise wedding. We missed out for sure. 

But even though we missed out I still felt much better about being home. So I'm also grateful for listening to my intuition.

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