Friday, November 23, 2012

Gratitude Day 23 - Thankful for My Partner in Crime

Today I'm thankful for Mr. Shahin "The Great" Sharifi. Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Today is also our 13th anniversary of being together. And it was 11 years ago today that he totally surprised me by asking me to marry him. 

I'm thankful that he always makes me laugh. I'm thankful that he is so non-phased by cat puke and other cat bodily functions. I'm grateful that he calls me out on stupid things I do, reminding me "that's not very yoga like." I'm thankful that he beautifies our yard and house and created the Jasmine Lounge oasis in our backyard. 

I'm grateful that he is compassionate and generous. I'm thankful that he can get a good hate on with me:) I'm thankful that he is humble. I'm grateful that he is forgiving. I'm thankful that he never once verbally got irritated with me during vacation when I kept saying "mon" at the end of every sentence. Like "stay to the left mon" or "rum and coke mon."

I'm grateful that he recognizes that I'm always right, or at least let's me believe that. I'm thankful that every time I go out of town he's like omg, what am I gonna do without you and then cleans the whole house so I come home to a spic and span home.

I'm thankful that he puts up with my crazy schedule, working all the time ways. I'm thankful that he encourages me to be totally lazy and indulge in things like cupcakes and cocktails. I'm thankful he's a hot, ass rock star, so I can be a hot ass rock star's wife. 

I'm grateful for my partner in crime of the last 13 years and I'm grateful that he is here to continue to be the yin to my yang.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

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