Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little Contest

So normally I don't do stuff like this. But I'm giving it a try because I'm trying to work every angle I can think of to start shooting bigger shows. Meaning a show at a music club or a amphitheater vs a wings bar or pool hall. And I think I've done a good job at making some of my rock photos look like they were NOT shot at a wings bar or pool hall.

Anyway, I'm going to the Soundgarden show in a few weeks and when I was perusing their website I saw this win a chance to photograph Soundgarden. Cool!! So I checked it out and submitted a photo. Thing is, it's not really based on talent or skill but rather how many votes you get. And that's fine, I'm trying to get everyone I know to vote for my photo. It said the winner will be selected with special consideration for the top voted entries.


The other thing is that the contest said for aspiring photographers, which to me means someone who has not had the opp to shoot a big show before. Funny how there's a LOT of entries of Soundgarden, Rush, other large acts, etc... clearly shot at an arena.

I also read the Talenthouse terms ... jees ... for real? My work becomes your property? Yeah, just this once. Sometimes these types of things really get me going. Like on Craigslist, when you see someone posting, hey design a logo for my company and if you win you'll get great exposure. Uh, yeah, how about I design your logo and you pay me for my time. Would you go into the hospital and gather a group of doctors and say, hey, cure my ailment for free and I'll tell everyone about you? Or go into the car mechanic and say fix my car and I'll let everyone know you did it? Come on now!

So anyway, it will be what it will be, but like I said I'm trying to work all angles. Maybe just maybe I'll get enough votes that whoever is selecting will see mine and be like ok, here's our Fairfax, VA winner, even if it's not the one with the most votes. Can't ever win if you never try, you know?

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