Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Scenes from Staunton, VA

I spent the weekend with my BFFs in Staunton, Va. It's a cool, little town, taking you back about 40 years. Maybe more. Here's a few shots from our little walk about town. The first one, while not interesting from a composition standpoint, is interesting in the fact that I stood in the middle of the main drag to get the shot. No cars. It was Sunday morning about 9am but I can't remember the last time I could stand in any road and there weren't any cars.

It was also interesting the there were businesses that were closed on Sundays. A coffee shop and an organic market. I remember when businesses were closed in Northern Va on Sundays when I was kid ... 40 years ago!

Something about dying flowers.

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Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

looks like a great little town ...

and, I like sunflowers. :-)