Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Wrapped Up

So we've just been all wrapped up with Mr. Leonard T. Kat. Aka ... Lenny Boy, Booger Face and
Stink Butt. Hey, if the name fits ...

I had forgotten how much work little animals are. He clearly doesn't understand No. And yes, cats can understand No. He will think his name is No, since I am forever saying, No, No, No. It's a good thing he's got that extreme cuteness. And he likes to snuggle and he loves pets.

I love the photo above of his cute little paws. You just want to kiss those little paws, until he steps in poo. And then you're just completely grossed out. Don't worry, I would never kiss a cats paws, no matter how cute. I'm not that crazy cat lady.

Here he is sitting across my yoga mat from Tiki. He's also an ankle biter. Literally. While I was trying to work out the other morning he was biting my ankles!

Lucy is still on the fence. I think she realizes this thing is not going away and perhaps there could be some fun with him. But she is still hissing at him. She's a rather nervous kitty and very sensitive.

Tiki is all, jees people, I'm geriatric for god's sake. Why do you keep doing this to me?

And finally, Miss Lucy Poohead. I love this pic of her. You can see her face and she doesn't look like a devil's minion but rather the sweet girl that she can be when thinks you're not paying attention.

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