Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Ostara

Happy Ostara. Ostara is the pagan/wiccan holiday for the Spring Equinox. When light and dark are balanced. It's a time for fertility, rebirth and new life.

This is pretty significant for us this year. Shawn's life, my life and our life together is in a stage of rebirth. It's all new. The movement he is now experiencing in his legs is a rebirth in his body. There's a new life for me as a caregiver. Shawn came home just shy of two weeks ago as the world around us was starting to awaken. It's like a shedding of the old — the illness, the surgery, the hospital, making space for the new — healing, strength, overcoming all of this.

Each crocus, daffodil, hyacinth and pansy that has bloomed in the past two weeks overcame the hell of this past winter, being buried under 2 feet of snow at one point. And we have overcome the hell of this past winter and are now blooming as well.

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