Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding a Groove

Shawn is home and we're trying to find a groove. We are experiencing what I would compare to parents bringing a new born home. They kind of tell you what to do in the hospital, there's books you can read, but seriously, nothing can prepare you. The role of caregiver has been added to my resume.

As a caregiver you have to take care of yourself first, on multiple levels. I know this. I tell people this all the time. But now living it I'm asking when the hell are you supposed to do that? O.M.G. I thought I was short on time before. Now, that said, I realize we are in the process of trying to find our groove. We have with some things. Things that frustrated the hell out of us just a few days ago, we are laughing about now.

I have to start doing some things for myself, so that's one reason why I'm here, right now. The other reason is that I had a photo to post, because I took a few minutes last night to be present with something else. Something that caught my eye and made me realize that whatever I thought had to be done within the next five minutes, could simply wait another 5 minutes. And it did and it was all fine.

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