Friday, October 23, 2009

Romp and Stomp, Rough and Tumble*

This was the scene this morning. Some romp and stomp. Some rough and tumble. With Lucy and Tiki. Tiki the Old Girl. This is the third time in about 10 days there has been this play scrapping between the punkass and old girl. And Tiki is the one instigating and pushing it.

After this scene, Tiki started backing Lucy down the stairs. I say this is play scrapping because while there are paws and claws flying, it's not dive and dig into the other with fierceness and desire to really hurt. You can tell the difference. And Tiki kept going at it.

Lucy certainly spends a good amount of time pestering her. But Lucy also had Mr. to play with up until 6 months ago. In fact it was just last week the it was 6 months since Mr. passed. Hmm... maybe the 6 month mark is significant here. Back to Lucy's pestering. She's a young cat and likes to play and run and wrestle. I would say she tries to provoke Tiki into rough and tumble, just like she did with Mr.

But I worry a little more about Tiki because she's old and I don't want Lucy to be a bully. Mr. was so much bigger than Lucy that one swat and he'd put her in her place. And she was much smaller than she is now. So the rough and tumble almost had this goofiness about it. Where as with the current rough and tumble it's a little less goofy looking, but amusing nonetheless.

I think Tiki was just finally like alright, that's IT! I'm going to kick your punk ass! Lucy is very vocal as well. Hissing, growling with some little meows in there as well. I don't remember if she did that with the Mr.

This is where I finally broke it up. Lucy gets pissed when Tiki puts her in her place and comes back a little more vicious and we won't have any of that. So I got them separated but Lucy kept stalking and not wanting to let it rest for a while. All of this was about 15 minutes before I left for work this morning. I was laughing about it for most of the day.

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Anonymous said...

You certainly can see the claws out on the Poo! I was worried about Molly playing so rough w/Dexter, but he loved it! He really surprised us, he would instigate a lot of it himself. Those two would draw blood! He just loved to play with that damn monster puppy!