Thursday, July 16, 2009


Any pet owner can look at this photo and know why this post is titled Ugh. UGH! Tiki Baby had to go the vet yesterday. To spare the few souls that actually check this blog out, let's just say she's got some issues and let's just say that yesterday was a shitty day, literally, with some puke thrown in.

Poor girl. She's going to be fine but aside from any discomfort she's feeling, there's no doubt she is suffering from the worst humiliation a cat can suffer from. And like this blue collar is going to stop her from licking. It will if it stays on. I've found her now 3 times with it off. More ugh.

And we have to keep her confined to the downstairs. I can hear her meowing right now, please let me up with the people, please, PLEASE. And she's not typically a meowing kitty. All of this also was preceeded by Shawn steam cleaning the entire house within the last two weeks. You couldn't tell by how our basement looks right now. Thank god we put that steam cleaner on our registry when we got married.

In confining Tiki to the basement, that means we had to bring a litter box into our bathroom for Lucy. That's just lovely. Oh, and Lucy has been acting like she was the one that had to go the vet yesterday ... hiding and being all scared for the entire day. Can we say total upheaval? Jees ...

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Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

it's always that way... give your car an oil change and the battery goes ... steam clean the carpet and the cat makes a mess .... hope your kitty gets better soon.