Friday, July 17, 2009


These dead gladiolas kind of visually represent my feelings of defeat today. I've been trying to stay clam and balanced with this whole cat issue. We cleaned everything last night so that our environment wasn't gross. And this morning we wake up to yet another disgusting mess. I guess on the scale of disgusting it's on the lower end, when you really think about it. But after cleaning puke and shit last night, it wasn't what I wanted to wake up to again. And there's no one to blame or be angry at, it is what it is.

So, I guess a little gratitude is in order. I'm thankful that it isn't the most disgusting mess it could be. I'm thankful we put cardboard down on most of the floor before we went to bed so most of the mess is on that. I'm thankful that the mess is all organic and can be cleaned. I'm thankful Tiki is ok and is hopefully healing. I'm thankful we have a basement to confine the mess to. I'm thankful my husband is understanding and compassionate about this situation.

Wow, just taking that moment of gratitude, I feel better already.

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