Saturday, May 23, 2009

Present on a Saturday*

So my day today was one full of presence. I got up earlier than expected because Shawn was up at dawn to move plants around, to make sure they wouldn't get sun burned.

So after breakfast and before going to teach yoga I was present with the kitties.

Then I went to teach two yoga classes where we focused on how strengthening, balancing and stretching our bodies, leads to strong, balanced, flexible lives off the mat. I had a photo shoot this afternoon with a wonderful little family. Before I left I got a shot of the fabulous pink rosebush. Can you smell the pink?

The newest addition to the Smith family is just a few days shy of the one year birthday of his older sister. They are so awesome ... and I was totally present with them.

Here is the original muchkin that started it all. Exactly a year ago this weekend I went to take pictures of this little cutie when she was a mere three weeks old.

Here's daddy with the new munchkin.

Then the whole family. I love this second shot because I love funny faces in photos. It goes back to when I was kid and my brother Mike, made up "the face." Every photo for about 5 years with Mike and my brother Matt, and yes, sometimes me, had someone making "the face." When Shawn saw these photos, he loved them. He's an only child so he never had the sibling force to ruin photos. When we got married, Shawn posed with a photo with my brother Mike, and Shawn made the face, full and proud!

We don't walk around in life all posed. If you do, then seriously, you're a poser. We walk around in life as we are, present in our silliness with our kids or our pets, making faces and being silly, because it's fun.

After the photo shoot, I went to hell and back, aka, Wegmans on a Saturday. I don't know why I do this to myself. One day I will learn.

When I got home, I found what Shawn had been doing this afternoon. We now have some kick ass, colorful, terra cotta pots.

Finally, sometime before I started dinner, around 7pm, I spotted Poo chillin' by the Buddha altar. It's been a great day and I've been totally present for the whole thing.

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