Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink Roses Day 3*

Yes ... Day 3 of the Pink Roses. The thing is that they aren't around for long. They start out as tight little buds and very pink. As they open the pink becomes lighter until finally after they've been open for about 2 days, they are almost white. So you have to just bask in their glory and be present while they are here. It's a great lesson in non-attachment.

We've had fresh flowers in our home for a few months now. From the daffodils and tulips, to some azalea and now the roses and some, what we believe is mountain laurel. Fresh flowers in the house totally create a zen environment. You get to be present with their beauty in your sanctuary. Here are the roses I cut today inside with the plant they come from in the background. Bonus is we can look out the kitchen window and enjoy all the roses.

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