Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter's Grip*

It's official ... I am over winter and the cold. I'm the kind of person that can see the value and necessity of winter. It's part of the cycle and without it how would we ever know the beauty and warmth of summer? And winter has it's own beauty for sure.

But I am done with it. It's the end of February and I'm ready for consistent warm days. Sadly, I have a long wait ahead. It won't be consistently warm, flip flop warm, light jacket warm until May, maybe the end of April. It will be warmer soon, where maybe I can not wear a turtle neck and not freeze to death. Oh, and according to the Washington Post, this area can average up to 6 inches of snow between now and April 1. Ugh ...

It's been freezing with wind chills the last few days and it's supposed to stay that way for a few more days. Guess I'll just keep bundling up.

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