Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodies for the Girlies*

This weekend was girls weekend with 3 of my girl friends of the last 20 years. We were all roommates in an apartment for about 4 years or so. Now of course we are all in committed relationships and live anywhere from an hour to 3 hours away from each other. So for the last three years we have been doing girls weekend at least twice a year.

We've gone to the woods, we go to Maria's home, we've gone to the Renaissance Fair and we've gone to a ski resort. We get together, drink and party, make and eat kick ass food and hang out.

When we have girls weekend, there are almost always presents and goodies for each other. Usually it's been a few months since we have all seen each other, so there may have been a birthday or two or maybe christmas. There's always just the reason that we like to give each other stuff.

These are the malas I made for Lisa and Mo and Maria's charm necklace. We love the girls weekend goodies.

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