Friday, February 27, 2009

We Have Buds*

We have buds!! Daffodil and crocus buds have emerged. I've been taking photos of the garden about every two weeks. Here is where we started almost a month ago. That was the first time I noticed little sprouts peaking out of the earth. Two weeks later there was more growth of those sprouts. And now 12 days later there are buds! I love watching the garden grow and by documenting it with photos I can see how far we've come.

In the summer we grow moonflowers. The vines grow all summer and about the middle of August you start to get some buds. The moonflowers bloom in the early evening and they last one night. That's it. By morning they are crumpled up. I have watched moonflowers bloom, actually unfurl into beautiful, white flowers. Being present for that is just amazing. Being present and watching every little stem and flower and sprout in our gardens grow is amazing.

The pic below is a preemie bud. It's a hyacinth and its buddies are just starting to break the earth so it's clearly moving too fast but seems to be making it. Little guy should slow down and savor its time to awaken and grow. Sounds like a good idea for all of us.

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