Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratitude Day 10 - Thankful for a Baby Nephew

Today I'm thankful for this little guy, my nephew. We had a visit today and he's a little less boring than he was a month ago. 

Shawn and I are excited to be the cool Aunt and Uncle and can't wait for him to be older so we can do fun things with this kiddo.

Here's part of some conversation from today ... 

Shawn to my brother: Thanks for having a baby for all of us. That we can come visit. And then go home. 

Hehe! Seriously though, we hope to have an important role in this guy's life. To help his parents in anyway we can. And to offer any guidance we can so his journey through this life is awesome. 

Thank you my little Nephew for brightening all of our lives!

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