Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gratitude Day 8 - Grateful for My Job

Today, I'm grateful for my job. 

In spite of the craziness that happens around here sometimes, the lack of support there might be, the general things that I disagree with, the lower than average salary and the feeling that I often don't get to do what I'm really here for, good design, I am very, very lucky and thankful. 

I have complete autonomy. I have a very flexible schedule. I can make up my own projects. I have co-workers that are genuinely concerned about the welfare of those less fortunate (we are a human services nonprofit). I can leave my desk a complete mess and nobody cares. I can wear jeans everyday. I have a pretty easy commute. Deadlines are rare (most design professionals have constant, hardcore deadlines). I get four weeks of paid vacation and six weeks of sick leave along with all the holidays observed by the feds. I can work at home if I want/need. And I have a window view:)

I have friends that are and have been in living hell at their jobs. And when I say hell, I'm thinking hell might actually be better. The things I've heard, I'm just stunned. Sexual harassment, lying, no compassion, bullying, setting people up for failure. Whoa!

I've certainly done my share of complaining and there have been times when I've thought I've been in hell. But compared to some of my friends, this is nothing but some minor irritations.

And now some random gratitude ... I'm thankful for hot tea on a cold day, other people's blogs that inspire me, that Shawn cleaned the kitchen the other night (it was a wreck!) and that I don't have to stop at the grocery store tonight!

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