Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Break - Day 25

The snowman slippers. Something about this pic that I love. Maybe cuz I took it at work in the middle of the day. Maybe cuz my feet are on my desk. Maybe my horizons are expanding and I'm realizing that not every photo has to be some great work of art or something. It can just be what I'm doing at the moment and that seems to give it a special quality of its own.

Anyway, the whole reason I took this photo was that a friend noticed the snowman slippers in my earthquake photo. When I posted it on Facebook she was like, are those snowman slippers? And I told her why there were slippers at my desk and that at any given time someone in the office will be shlepping around in a pair because we all have the snowman slippers. My office is very casual. And I don't mind, I've taken my fair share of advantage of it. In fact the snowman slippers saved the day once when my sandal strap broke and I didn't have any other shoes to wear. And my friend is just tickled by this.

So, today she asked me to send her a pic of the slippers to brighten her day. Later I saw a coworker wearing a pair and got a pic of that to send to my friend. I think it was one of the highlights of her day!

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