Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Break - Day 23

Earthquake aftermath! Yes, we experienced the earthquake today. My office is about 4 miles outside of DC and about 100 mile from the epicenter of the 5.8 earthquake. I was sitting at my desk when this very loud rumbling started and everything was shaking. I thought something very, very big and heavy had been dropped on the floor above me. But the shaking didn't stop. Then when I stood up I felt wobbly and unbalanced as the earth shook and our building swayed. I have a large aloe plant that is unbelievably heavy, Shawn can barely move it, and I thought it was going to topple over. When I noticed that I was like is this an earthquake?

Anyway, other than some books that flew off my shelf which are in the photo above, all is good. And those books probably would have stayed put if I hadn't placed them on the shelf all haphazardly:)

So is there some gratitude for what happened? Of course! First, they closed my building and forced us to leave which meant I got to go take a yoga class this afternoon!

Second, I realized Shawn and I need to set up some sort of emergency preparedness/communication plan. I couldn't get through to him or anyone on my cell for nearly 30 minutes.

And finally, it's time to declutter and organize once and for all. Those haphazardly placed books would have hit me in the head if I had been sitting! And at home, I can't tell what mess might be related to the earthquake cuz all of my areas in the house constantly look like a natural disaster struck!

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Kimberly June said...

A quake with a bonus! Glad you're ok. :)