Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Break - Day 18

My bookshelf. Why my bookshelf today? Because the lovely Leslie tagged me in a meme that she made up in Celebration of Reading.

So there's my bookshelf and here are my answers:) And mind you there are books ALL OVER this house. This is just one central spot for me.

1. Do you read for pleasure daily, in spurts, or rarely?
I read for pleasure in spurts. I consider fiction books to be reading for pleasure. And it just so happens I am currently reading a fiction novel for pure pleasure! It had been awhile and this is the second in a series of three. It's the best twist on the Arthur legend, ever. Bernard Cornwell, The Warlord Chronicles. My preference for fiction is some sort of historical fiction that has undertones of mysticism.

More often I read non-fiction stuff for the narcotic effect it has. A page or two before bed and I'm out.

And the graphic design and typography books and magazines are all at work. That stays there.

2. What kind of books and magazines do you like to read?
For fiction see above:) Non-fiction books would be about spiritual matters and yoga, mostly. Magazines I subscribe to are Shutterbug, Yoga Journal, Whole Living and Everyday Food. Once in a while I'll get Shape, Fitness or Oxygen and maybe Real Simple. I like to check out girlie magazines like Glamour or Lucky but they're so not relevant to my lifestyle anymore. Magazines are a great way for me to read without having to read. Lots of pictures, mindless articles, easy to read chunks of info and did I mention lots of pictures?

3. Who are your favorite authors?
Anne Rice, Bernard Cornwell, Wilbur Smith, Lama Surya Das, Judith Hanson Lasiter, Georg Feuerstein.

4. How do you organize your books?
Mostly by subject matter but space is limited around here so if something fits in between something else and that means it's not sitting on the floor, then it goes wherever it goes.

5. Have you made the transition from printed material to e-books?
No, I haven't but hubby has for some stuff. I'm still catching up on printed books he's read (we often share our books) but once I get an iPad that might change.

I believe I'm supposed to tag some others so Kimberly June, Capricious Yogi and Sarah feel free to keep the books rolling:)