Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kitty Drama

We've had a bit of kitty drama in the household the last few weeks. Of course, Tiki Baby passed away in June. A week later I noticed Lucy sneezing. A lot. So much so that she was rubbing her face a lot and her lip got all red and irritated. But she was acting normal otherwise. Doing her Lucy thing, getting after shower pets (my shower that is), gulping her food down in like 60 seconds, sitting in the window, playing fetch. She might have slept a little more than usual, 22 hours instead of 21. I made a vet appt for her for July 5 and what do you know, by that day she had stopped sneezing. Ok, I can relax now right. Oh no.

So Lenny Boy starts coughing Saturday. And not a lot. So I figure maybe he's got a hairball. Then he starts sneezing on Sunday. Ok, he caught Lucy's cold. But by Tuesday all he was doing was sleeping. He wasn't doing any of his normal Lenny Boy stuff, destruction, rip tearing through the house, attacking the steps, jumping on the counter, lounging on the table, romping with Lucy. By Wednesday evening I was pretty worried about him. He even looked sad. So I made a vet appt for him for the next day.

He slept next to me all night and this morning he seemed better, more like himself. Did a couple of rip tears through the house, jumped on the counter, attacked the steps. I'll keep my eye on him but jees can't a girl catch a break? The worrying was over the top.


Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

Oscar is sneezing a lot also but no other symptoms. He has just finished his second round of radioactive therapy so it on the mend but wonder if there's a kitty cat flu going around.

Shining Lotus said...

Maybe there is. Lucy and Lenny are fine now but it was weird. Can't imagine where they would have picked up something like that. And Shawn had a bug too!