Friday, July 15, 2011

Jasmine Lounge

Drinking a Habibi at the Jasmine Lounge. The Habibi drink is my brother's drink of choice so much so that his friends dubbed it, The Habibi. It's orange flavored vodka with tonic. It's pretty damn good. And for as long as I can remember Vodka Tonic has been my brother's drink of choice. My youngest brother, who will of course, always be my baby brother.

The Jasmine Lounge is the official name for the backyard patio oasis. The plant in this photo is the Jasmine. It was a beautiful evening. An intention and desire that I put out to the universe at the new moon came to fruition today, on the full moon. It was cause for a mild celebration. It's also something that reminds me to be grateful and to focus on the silver lining of things rather than the worst aspects.

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