Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24 - Animal

But of course, this had to be a cat photo for me. Two of our three cats. Tiki on the left and Lenny Boy on the right. Sadly, we had to lay Tiki to rest this week. She was just two months shy of turning 18. I've always known that I would have to make the call with her. Nelli Kitty and Mr. both passed away without me having to make that decision. Tiki came to me and told me it was time. Tiki was the last of the triumvirante, the original 3 cats I had when Shawn and I got together. I've lived multiple lives during Tiki's one life. She used to be all big and fat and she was the best lap kitty ever. We'll miss you Tiki baby.

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Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I know what you mean when you say Tiki lived with you through multiple lives. It was that way with my kitty Maggie ... she died at what we estimated was 22 years old. A very long kitty life and a very long time in my own life. She had been with me through so many people and changes, accomplishments, good moments, sad moments ... etc.