Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18 - Shoes

Posting a bit late. Vacation started, there was a gig, dinner with friends. But better late than never. That Day 13 shot is coming later today:)

Shoes. I have a lot of shoes and I should really wear more of them more often. I tend to get stuck in ruts, wearing the same things, eating the same things, etc...

What I love about shoes is that I can ask myself, who do I want to be today and the shoe can help define that:) Gym rat, professional, casual and fun, rock star, yoga chick, hippy, hottie and so on. As a true Gemini I have multiple facets to my personality. And the shoes bring out the best of each one:) I wear these shoes pretty often except for the leopard print, peep-toe, sling back stillettos. They're new and have only been out of the closet once. They definitely need to get out more!

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