Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 14 - Eyes

Lenny Boy's amber eyes. They're also the exact same color as the floor underneath him. If you look at like his eyes are the floor it gives this weird kind of dimensional feel.

Missed Day 13, although I am going to do it retro-active. Bus number 2 blew threw here early Monday morning and flattened my ass. Migraine, chills, nausea in addition to the hives I've been battling for over a week. Not sure what's up with the hives. Have never had them before and they came out of nowhere. If it's food, I'm suspecting wheat since wheat and dairy are the only two things I have not eliminated in the last week. No berries, nuts or chocolate. Please, that's the mainstay of my diet! So starting now, no wheat and dairy and we'll see what happens. I'm on prendisone which I'm not thrilled about but I needed relief. And if this morning is any indication of my energy level (from the steroid) I might just get to that Day 13 photo in a bit.

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Laura said...

You're right! Our cats look very similar! Great focus on this one.