Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 10 - A Childhood Memory

A childhood memory. I had a few ideas for this post but when I found this photo on my card, this was the one. One thing I remember was always having a pet. Cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, turtles, fish, pretty much everything. Several dogs throughout the years and and more cats.

Tiki, pictured here, is the pet I've had the longest. She's almost 18 years old. Most of the family pets didn't make it past 10 or so. I would even venture to say that Tiki could be considered a pet from my childhood. I was 29 when I got her, still a kid in retrospect.

Plus who doesn't love a fisheye cat pic? Well, besides the cat:)


Kimberly June said...

What a sweet face!

Valeria said...

I was not a cat person until we went to a shelter and I saw Ben... I love this cat very very much. He is my cat son.
Growing up, we always had dogs...
Your post made me remember of my pets.