Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kitty Has the Runs

Poor Lucy has had the runs for a few days. I had to take her to the vet today because it was clearly time for intervention. Poor girl.

I try not to stress too much when the cats have issues. Because I know my stress stresses them out. Lucy flips out when you put her in the carrier. Throwing herself against the sides and rolling around trying to get out. And that stresses me out. Thankfully, Shawn was able to go with me and keep Lucy Poo calm. Just a few months ago he wouldn't have been able to for many reasons, but now he can and to know that the strength of our unit and partnership is coming back is a relief on so many levels.

Friday evening when I realized that Lucy was going to need a trip to the vet I was like, man, everything rests on my shoulders. The care of the family comes down to me. I'm the glue holding it all together. It's scary because what if I get sick? What if that glue starts to weaken? Again, thankfully Shawn is at a point where he can start being some of that glue again. When I think back to a few months ago when it really did ALL rest on my shoulders, well, thinking about that freaks me out. Just like thinking about everything that's happened this year, freaks me out more now than it did when it was happening. Whew!

But back to the Poohead because this post was meant to be about her. Sorry to steal the cat's thunder! We call Lucy the Devil's Minion. She's all black and just always has this evil look about her. She's a very sweet kitty when she wants to be.

Anyway, poor girl, it's hard to be all sinister when you've got the runs. She was trying but we knew what was up, so we just weren't buying her devilish looks. But she's got some meds now and special food, so soon enough she'll be all better and can go back being herself.

Today's photo is Lucy and Lenny rough and tumbling. It's just a riot to watch. Every once in a while it gets a little too vicious and I have to break it up, send them to timeout:) But mostly they are having fun. And even though Lenny Boy's wide open mouth makes it look like he was howling, there was no sound. It's all just expressions captured in the moment. It would be fun to caption this though. Any thoughts?

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