Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A View from the Top

Well, almost the top. This was taken from a hike over the weekend. There's this trail that we've been attempting to hike for several years now. The first time, Lisa and I made it about 40 minutes or so into it. We passed through an area at one point that had this weird feel to it. Like we passed into another realm. That kind of spooked us so we turned around. A year or two later Lisa, Mo and I attempted to hike it but it was too hot and we only made it about 30 minutes into it. Last year we were going to hike it and then we had a run in with Jack the night before. Jack Daniels that is and there was no hiking or much of anything for that matter the next day.

This year we were hellbent on finishing that damn hike. Another friend had told us were only like 15 minutes from the top. So we started out and an hour later and few steep inclines, we weren't at the top. We were wondering if there really was a "top" or if maybe the trail just wound back down the other side of the mountain. We also ran out of water so we had to turn back. But we were close. Evidently there is a clearing where you get a great view and then the trail splits into two directions. And apparently we were only about 10 minutes from that. One day we will finish this hike!

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