Monday, August 16, 2010

On Leonard T. Kat

Mr. Leonard T. Kat. You are quite a character. Of course, he is living up to his full potential as a kitten. And something happened the weekend that I was out of town. Since I returned he and Lucy have been play buddies. No more dramatic hissing from Lucy. Perhaps there was some kind of bonding due to my absence. So, there's been lots of wrestlemania, cat style. Including on the bed at 5:44 am! It's fun to watch for sure, although I'd prefer to already be awake for it.

Lenny Boy has learned how to jump on the kitchen counters. Bad kitty! I haven't had a counter jumping cat in almost 20 years. Nellie, Tiki, Mr. and Lucy never jumped on the counters. I definitely need to figure something out about that.

His favorite spot to nap is in the butt gel part of Shawn's wheelchair. He found that spot pretty much right away and still snuggles up on it. Wonder if we will have to keep the seat of the wheelchair as a bed for him once Shawn is done with the wheelchair.

And in spite of his badness, which in the big scheme of things isn't really all that bad, he is such a sweet, sweet little fella. He likes to get love and pets and he likes to snuggle. Lucy had to learn that pets are a good thing. He is very well socialized and isn't scared of people. He'll come right up to you to say hey. So, little Lenny, thank you for brightening our lives.

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