Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Why a photo of a mauled bun? Why not? Really though, it's because I wanted to share what Mr. Leonard T. Kat did today. Lenny Boy is a counter jumper. Ugh. So now I have to be careful of everything, EVERYTHING, I leave on the kitchen counter. Until I can figure out some way of keeping him off the counters. So, food, dirty dishes (yes, I have to at least rinse off dishes, every day now, not just when I feel like it! No more sink full of dirty dishes.) knives, etc... And I have to be aware of when a burner is on or has been on and make sure the brat isn't jumping up there. He's wearing me out.

Anyway, Shawn's mom brought this bun over thinking Shawn might want it with his lunch or something. He mentioned to her that she better make sure it's not sitting out on the counter otherwise it's fair game. Just like the chicken breasts that were thawing the other day. Shawn calls me while I'm out and asks me to guess what he has sitting on the table in the basement. Not knowing where to begin guessing I assumed something to do with Lenny Boy. A frozen chicken breast he says. In the baggie.

Apparently, Leonard T. Kat pulled the chicken breast off the counter and then took it downstairs. That's where Shawn saw him playing with it and took it away. Well there was two. So when I got home, indeed, the other chicken breast was gone. As I walked back into the living room I see Mr. Leonard T. Kat running from under the chaise to the chair with chicken breast in the baggie in his mouth. Then he proceeds to roll around with the chicken breast under the chair. Luckily, neither baggie was punctured and the breasts were still frozen and unscathed.

However, this poor bun sure did get it. After Shawn told his mom about Lenny Boy's antics, she went to put the bun and the bag of other food it was in away and couldn't find it. Looked all over the house for it. No bun to be found. She started thinking maybe she didn't bring it. Until she found it in the bathroom, behind the sink. He had pulled the bun out of the bag with the other food and ran off with his booty. Where he promptly mauled the bun.
Bad, bad kitty. If he wasn't so damn cute and if it wasn't so damn funny seeing him run around with a baggie of food in his mouth ...

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