Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cherry On Top

O...M...G...!! I got a little blog award! I'm so excited! It's the little things:)

I'm not quite sure where the Cherry On Top Award originated. It was passed onto me from Leslie in Adams Morgan. And it was passed on to Leslie from Evil Pixie who I had actually started checking out because I saw some comments from her on Leslie's blog.

What's interesting is a few weeks ago as I was logging into my blog I noticed that there was thing "Blogs of Note." I checked out some of them and was like, I wanna be a blog of note. Then a few days later, The Capricious Yogi received a blog award. I was like, I want a blog award. And then I noticed Evil Pixie, etc... And really, I don't care if I get any awards, it would just be, well A Cherry On Top, right? So then what happens, Leslie passed this on to me and I LOVE IT!

So anyway, thank you to Leslie who tagged me on my very first blog award. Here are the rules: talk about three things I love about myself, and then pass the award on to bloggers I love.

1. I love that I am 46 years old and have not once considered getting any kind of plastic surgery, botox, lifts, tucks or anything else that would make me look like the Joker from batman, that I'm constantly startled or that would make me anything else than who and what I am. I love who I am and every wrinkle and sag makes me who I am. Not that I don't workout or want to stay in shape or use moisturizer but I just won't buy into society trying to force me to be anyone else. One of my tricks for having this attitude is to not look too close in the mirror:) I mean really, nobody is going to be looking at me 2 inches from my face.

2. I love that I don't sweat the small stuff. Seriously, I just can't. There's way too many big things that are more sweat worthy than a sink full of dishes, laundry not being done, etc... A sweat worthy thing is a paralyzed husband! And I think I'm pretty good at maintaining that attitude.

3. I love that I can't help but find the positive in almost every situation. Even the worst. Sometimes I even ask myself, how did I find anything positive in that? For example, recently I had to take Old Girl to the vet. It's always a debacle and it's pretty much guaranteed there will be an accident of ultimate grossness in the carrier. This time was no different. So there I am, after she had a bad accident, in the parking lot of strip mall, wishing I had a hazmat suit, gloves and gas mask, holding Old Girl with one hand and wiping nasty poo out of the carrier with the other. Where's the positive in that you ask? The fact that she wasn't covered in poo. Cuz that's happened and that's even worse.

Shawn has even asked me as I rattle off all the positive things in a situation, if he can just complain or do I always have to find the good in something. I'll admit there are days where I just want to say, damnit, I just want to complain and whine and not find the positive in a situation but that doesn't last long because that's just a waste of time and precious energy.

4. Like Leslie, I got on a roll here. I LOVE my name. Mina Jane Habibi. Mina and Habibi are Persian. Mina, per my mom, translates as Little Yellow Flower and per my Aunt, is the word for the flower Aster. Habibi translates at sweetheart or my darling. Jane was my mother, grandmother and I believe my great-grandmother's middle name, so there's a bit of history there. And I like how it balances out the exotic with the simple. A long, long time ago in another life I was married to someone else and I changed my last name to his. Ugh. It never went and I feel like it affected who I was. As soon as we were divorced I changed it back and will never change it again.

There you go:) I'm passing this onto The Capricious Yogi, who nearly every time she writes something I'm like I was just thinking that!

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