Saturday, July 3, 2010

Introducing ...

... our new little fella. We're still trying figure out the right name for him, although George is in the lead. George ... who names their cat George? Us, maybe? Because George would lead to Georgie Boy, which I like. My friend Leslie told me a while ago that she liked people names for her pets. And when I thought about it I like that too. No boots, or sox, or smoky ... but a person's name. Since then my kitties have/will get people names. Hence Lucy, although her nickname is Poohead. But that's a nickname:)

Anyway, we'll continue to hash out names while the other cats go through their natural drama. Hissing, growling, complete disgust. Don't they realize that this little guy is completely harmless? Funny how cats are so dramatic. Wish they could just sniff each other's butts and be done with it, like a dog would.

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