Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Zen Shelf

Wow ... it's been awhile. I have lots to share and will start with the new Zen Shelf and my attempts at photos that you might see in Body & Soul, Real Simple or something like that.

With Spring flowers everywhere, I had the idea to make little arrangements, on the simple and zen side. I gathered various small bottles and jars for vases and this is what came of it.

The shelf has it's own story. Last Fall, Shawn built the shelf and let's just say I didn't really know about it. I wasn't pleased and was vehemently poo-pooing the shelf.

Well, that shelf has become the new Zen shelf. Now that it could be taken down for the summer, I can't take it down. And I'm woman enough to admit that I was wrong about the shelf. And that if I had simply embraced it in the first place and put my ego and attachments to the side, I would have saved myself a lot of upset. Funny how a shelf can teach you an important lesson.

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