Sunday, December 13, 2009

Peeks Around 25*

Peeks Around 25 is the bulletin board at my desk. It's covered with some cool, inspirational stuff and a wacky thing or two. There's the Rumi calendar, some way cool Celtic art, some other goddess type cards and little mini Girlfriends scrapbook. The wacky things are related to my mom. One is a pin of a cat with wings. Not sure why it's there but it is. The other is a postcard from Greece. My mother took me to Greece in 1994 for my 30th birthday. While we were there looking at postcards she called me over to see one she was looking at. It's a photo of a scultpure of some kind of half man, half beast. And that sculpture has a raging hard-on! And my mother pointed it out to me. I may never recover from that but I had to get the post card nonetheless.

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