Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Yule*

The winter solstice is here ... well almost. Technically it's tomorrow but we're close enough. Winter solstice is usually when we pull our holiday decorations out. Our decorations are pretty eclectic. This scene is from the living room, looking out at the snow storm last night.

The cool light set up was inspired by the shelf in the window. I must say, I was not happy about that shelf when it first appeared. In fact I poo-poo'd it HEAVILY.

However, without that shelf we wouldn't have that kick ass light display. So I must say Thank You to my husband for putting it there and to the shelf for inspiring me.

The decorations on the table are red candles, pictures of the cats and a pop-up Night Before Christmas book. There's also one of our trees. It's a wire, tree sculpture that we hung little tiny ornaments on.

You might be wondering how this kind of set up doesn't completely tempt Lucy. Well it did. I woke up to the whole thing toppled over on the floor, in complete disarray. And Lucy kind of sheepish around it.

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